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n. 小手指
pinkie - 小手指,小指,張秋萍
pinkie jam - 末三指擠壓法
Pinkie Pie - 粉紅派,萍琪派,苹琪派
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  • 我的青年時候代花費在觸摸輸入法, 說服我的人生會如同秘書一樣度過, 我左手小手指建立了新奇的肌健操縱A鍵。
    I spent my adolescence touch-typing, convinced my life would be passed secretarially, my left pinkie building novelty muscle manning the A.
  • 給寶寶一個安撫奶嘴,幫她找到自己的拇指;或者,悄悄地把你自己已經弄乾淨的小拇指放進她嘴裡,指甲朝下。
    Offer the baby a pacifier, help her find her thumb, or slip your own clean pinkie into her mouth, nail side down.
  • 「世界上有很多像我這種情況的,」邁克爾回答說,「我想讓你拉小拇指發誓。」
    "There are a lot of other me's out there, " Michael answered. "I want you to pinkie swear."
  • 咱們拉鈎發誓,」凱西一邊這樣說着逗他,一邊用她的小拇指去勾邁克爾的。
    Pinkie swear, " Kathy said to humor him, entwining her little finger with Michael's.
  • 也就是說,在左手鍵入 a s d f 時,右手小手指挪去按 Enter 鍵,您通常會在釋放 f 鍵的瞬間按下 Enter 鍵。
    That is, as your left hand types a s d f, and your right pinkie flies in to crush the Enter key, you'll often depress Enter moments before releasing the f key.
  • 里奇表示,至今為止,這塊小指骨是唯一已知的傑尼索娃人化石。
    Reich says for now, this pinkie bone is the only known Denisovan fossil.
  • 直到寫滿20個才停下來,你甚至可以寫「對自己右手小拇指的形狀很感恩」或則「我很感謝香辣土豆泥和皮塔餅的味道」。
    Don』t stop until you get to twenty, even if you end up with something like 「I』m thankful for the shape of my right pinkie toe」 or 「I』m thankful for spicy hummus and pita chips.」
  • 我的拇指可以卷包在其他手指上,然後用我的小指頂住棍子的底部捉緊它。
    I can wrap that thumb over my other fingers and then secure the grip at the bottom with my pinkie.
  • 2010年12月23日 取自一塊至少3萬年前的小手指骨的DNA暗示,有一群先前不為人知的遠古人類在地球上存在過。
    December 23, 2010 DNA taken from a pinkie bone at least 30,000 years old is hinting at the existence of a previously unknown population of ancient humans.
  • 「它們甚至比你的小指甲還小,」罕什伍德說。
    "They are the size, or even smaller, than the nail on your pinkie, " Henshilwood says.
  • 即使他的小手指有傷在身,科比還是回像以往一樣凍結對方的箭頭人物,然後在進攻端射死對手,就像在奧運會上展現的一樣。
    Even with his injured pinkie , Bryant is still as ruthless as ever as his lock-down defense and clutch shooting at the Olympics displayed.
  • 這是由像素太多產生的,將過多的細節投射到僅僅只有指甲大小的傳感器器上,會使一部分像素吸收的光線太少。
    The problem lies in the pixels themselves; try and fit too many onto an imaging sensor the size of a pinkie nail and you』ll have some very small pixels that don』t absorb much light.
  • 我一邊說着,一邊埋頭看着手裡檸檬水瓶子,試驗着要轉多少圈才能用我的小指把瓶蓋打開。
    I looked at the lemonade bottle as I spoke, tracing the circle of the opening with my pinkie finger.
  • 兩人把小手指勾在一起一般表示做出一項承諾。
    To make a promise, two people generally hook their pinkie fingers together.
  • 我的小手指骨折了該吃什麼好呢?
    My pinkie fracture it what should eat is good to what should eat?
  • 它沒有小拇指大,但是在學習和記憶中卻發揮着絕對重要的作用。
    It's smaller than your pinkie, but it plays an absolutely essential role in learning and memory.
  • 他已經學會用小手指敲擊下行鍵。
    He has learned to hit PageDown with his pinkie.