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n. 粉;粉末;[化工][軍] 火藥;塵土
vt. 使成粉末;撒粉;搽粉於
vi. 搽粉;變成粉末
powder - 粉末,火藥,粉
powder metallurgy - 粉末冶金,粉末冶金,粉末合金
shading powder - 修容餅,修容,修容餅
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搽粉於, 使成粉末, 撒粉; 搽粉, 變成粉末
粉, 火藥, 粉末
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  • 石灰已經粉了。
    The lime has turned to powder.
  • 空氣里有股火藥味兒。
    The smell of powder was in the air.
  • 奶粉結成了塊兒。
    The milk powder has lumped.
  • 這種撲麵粉附着力強。
    The face powder adheres well to the skin.
  • 木頭在他指間會變成粉末。
    The wood turns to powder in his fingers.
  • 完全乾燥玻璃粉吸附大量的二氧化碳。
    Considerable quantities of CO ₂ are adsorbed even by perfectly dry glass powder.
  • 往蛋奶沙司粉里加入一點兒牛奶,攪成糊糊。
    Blend a little milk with the custard powder to form a paste.
  • 保育員把爽身粉撒在嬰兒身上。
    The nurse dusted powder over the baby.
  • 研究了自製免噴塗合金粉末對感應重熔方法的適應性,以及重熔工藝參數對重熔層組織狀態的影響。
    The adaptability of free-spraying alloy powder made by oneself on induction remelting process was investigated.
  • 文章介紹了無煙煤在工業黑火藥中的應用。
    The application of anthracite in black powder is introduced.
  • 將麵粉和發酵粉篩入中等大小的攪拌碗中。
    Sift the flour and baking powder into a medium-sized mixing bowl.
  • 但是犯人們總能找到辦法弄到。現在他們用牙線慢慢鉅金屬,抹上牙粉增加摩擦力。
    He says they actually use dental floss to slowly saw away at the metal, adding tooth powder to increase the friction.
  • 用杵和臼,將麩皮磨成粗粉。
    Using a pestle and mortar, pulverise the bran to a coarse powder
  • 用散粉來定妝,將多餘的粉撣掉。
    Use loose powder to set your makeup, dusting the excess off with a brush.
  • 除非這些問題得到解決,否則該地區會一直是個火藥桶。
    Unless these questions are solved, the region will remain a powder keg.
  • 廁所在哪裡?
    Where is the W.C.?; Where can I wash my hand?; Where can I add some powder?; Where is the toilet?; Where is the lavatory?; Where's the restroom?
  • 他把火藥裝入槍內。
    He charged a gun with powder.
  • 我不應該在這頓飯里多放那一湯匙的咖喱粉,我想我們都是事後才明白的。
    I shouldn't have put that extra spoonful of curry powder in this meal, but I suppose we can all be wise after the event.
  • 把少量粉末放入容器,加水混合。
    Put a small amount of the powder into a container and mix with water
  • 把腳完全擦乾,在腳趾間撒上嬰兒爽身粉。
    Dry your feet well and then dust between the toes with baby powder.
  • 她往臉上搽了粉,抹了口紅和胭脂。
    She powdered her face and applied her lipstick and rouge.
  • 如果你買大袋洗衣粉,價錢會更便宜。
    Washing powder works out cheaper if you buy the jumbo size.
  • 潔白無瑕的沙灘上,閃光的棕櫚樹葉在溫和的海風中舞動,搖曳生姿。
    Glossy palm fronds twist in the temperate wind along immaculate, powder white beaches.
  • 花了半個鐘頭才把浴缸上的柑橘粉擦洗掉。
    It took half an hour to clean the orange powder off the bath
  • 她把頭髮上的粉末刷掉了。
    She brushed the powder out of her hair
  • 研究了經超細化處理的鎳粉對從動齒輪燒結工藝和性能的影響。
    Effect of superfine Ni powder addition on the sintering process and final properties of driven gears was studied.
  • 這已經成為一個火藥桶。
    This is a powder keg.
  • 意外的粉塵吸入可能有害。
    Accidental inhalation of the powder can be harmful