private eye

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  • 沒有。可以或許那麼講,即即是臉部細髓液,比起公用眼部細髓依閱借是會除夜一個SIZE。
    No. Can so say, even facial essence, rather than the private eye essence or a SIZE.
  • 你甚至可以追查嫌疑人用手機塔的一個重要工具,任何尊敬七十年私人或眼警探。
    You can even track down a suspect using a phone tap, an essential tool of any respectable 70s private eye or police detective.
  • 用什麼來製作一張好的《Private Eye》封面?
    What makes a great Private Eye cover?
  • 麥基是一個講求實際的“海上救助專家”——實際上是個住在船上的私探,他是繼夏洛克·福爾摩斯之後最讓人印象深刻的偵探。
    McGee is a hard-nosed "salvage expert" — actually a private eye who lives on a boat (called The Busted Flush) and is one of the most memorable detective characters since Sherlock Holmes.
  • 這種做法提供私人眼科治療全部採用最先進的方法和覆蓋幾乎所有眼科專科興趣。
    The practice provides private eye treatment using all the most up to date methods and covering almost every subspecialty interest in ophthalmology.