putting forth

—— 英文翻譯成中文


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  • 當我看到這麼多人為我擔憂,並且投入了如此大的精力和努力來幫助我,我真的很難去控制自己不哭。
    When I saw so many people worrying so much about me, and putting forth so much thought and effort to help me, I had to try really hard not to cry again.
  • 就在這樣的心情下,他偶爾會打扮整齊,去修一下面,然後戴上手套,興沖沖地動身出門。
    It was in this mood that he would occasionally dress up, go for a shave, and, putting on his gloves, sally forth quite actively.
  • 例如,如果要開發一個需要來回傳遞消息的應用程序,那麼可以使用ActiveMQ而不是JMS參考實現。
    For example, if I were putting together an application that needed to send messages back and forth, I could use ActiveMQ rather than the JMS reference implementation.
  • 和全體與部分之直接關係的比較,可把力和力的發揮之關係,看作是無限的關係。
    Compared with the immediate relation of whole and parts, the relation between force and its putting-forth may be considered infinite.
  • 玉米和穀子正在抽穗。
    The maize and millet were just putting forth ears.
  • 這棵葡萄樹在長卷鬚了。
    Look! The vine is putting forth its tendrils.
  • 第一部分據以研究的案例。
    Part one: putting forth the cases to be studied.
  • 本文通過列舉不同觀點,分析其背後的理論根據,以及詩歌翻譯的歷史實踐證明詩歌的可譯性。
    By enumerating various opinions, analyzing their background theories and putting forth the historical practice of poetry translation, it proves that poetry is translatable.
  • 他使了很大的勁把樹拔了出來。
    Putting forth a great effort, he uprooted the tree.
  • 近兩年我們又提出以人為本,全面、協調和可持續的科學發展觀。
    In recent two years, we set forth an idea of putting people first and the philosophy of achieving all-round, coordinated and sustainable development, which is very scientific.
  • 為了鞏固勢力,他推行了一些政策,為下層階級提供了適當的幫助。
    He tried to consolidate his power, though, by putting forth policies that moderately helped the lower classes.
  • 不考慮優缺點,只是回憶一下在每次查看頁面時HTML是通過網絡發送到Web瀏覽器的(為了簡潔,不考慮高速緩存等)。
    Without getting into the pros and cons, simply recall that your HTML is sent across a network to a Web browser every time the page is viewed (putting caching and so forth aside for simplicity's sake).
  • 分析了引信曲折槽保險機構過保險的原因,提出了引信曲折槽機構設計的零扭矩原則及實現該原則的具體措施。
    Analyzes the over-safety caused by zig-zag devices, putting forth the principle of zero-torque in designing fuze zig-zag devices and the specific measures for the implementation of the principle.
  • 讓我們首先提出一些相關概念並對其進行定義,從而確定一些基本原則。
    Let's set some ground rules by putting forth some relevant concepts and defining them.
  • 從生物力學角度對擲標槍最後用力的左側支撐進行分析,論證了左側支撐是標槍投擲技術中的重要技術環節。
    This article analyses the left-side strut in putting forth the last strength in javelin throwing from the biomechanics Angle, proves that left-side strut is an important link in javelin technique.
  • 我們許多人都在竭盡全力,在催促。
    Many of us are putting forth effort and pushing.
  • 萬幸的是你可以通過學習聆聽的進程和做出有意識的如何提高你的聆聽技巧,這樣,你也可以成為一個有效率的聆聽者。
    The good news is you can improve your listening skills. By learning about the process and putting forth a conscious effort, you can become an effective listener.
  • 樹葉正在長出。
    Leaves are putting forth.
  • 其中,微觀方面着重從信息與成本的角度上出發,推行商業銀行在信貸博弈中的占優戰略,提出了具體的可操作的措施。
    Micro focused on analyzing from the perspective of costs, implementing dominant strategy in commercial bank and putting forth concrete operational measures.
  • 國家加快了土地承包方面的立法速度,足以說明對這一問題的重視,近幾年相繼頒布了一系列相關的法律法規予以規範,極大完善了農村土地流轉制度。
    For last few years, it has been putting forth a series of relevant laws and regulations, thus greatly have consummated our country's rural land transfer mechanism.
  • 春天到了,樹籬長出了新葉子。
    Spring has come and the hedges are putting forth new leaves.