report back

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report back - 傳達報告,報告返回,回報
coroner's report comes back tomorrow - 但我敢打賭說當明天驗屍官的報告出來了
to report back - 回報,稟復
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  • 我們到達的當天早晨,父親就很早出門了,然後回來報告。
    The morning we arrive, Dad is expected to head out early and report back.
  • 你的工作是參加所有的會議,然後回來向委員會作匯報。
    Your job is to attend all the meetings and report back to the committee .
  • 好,那麼,當你完成了就來向我或者馬姆利少尉報告。
    Ok, then. Report back to me or to Lt. Mumphreys when you have.
  • 相反,您可以使用數據庫引擎來處理這個過程,然後報告匯總的信息,而不是原始數據。
    Instead, you get the database engine to handle the process and then report back the summary rather than the raw data.
  • 我期待着這些項目可以隨着你我的使用而不斷發展,屆時我會在這裡報告那些更改。
    I expect that the projects will evolve as you and I use them, and I'll report back on the changes here.
  • 接近最後限期時,我會報告我所有的庫存。
    I will report back with an inventory of everything as my deadline nears.
  • 低可行性研究,這個設置,求解器將很快能夠發現是否違反了基本規則並且能夠很快地向用戶報告那些設置的規則無效。
    Low Feasibility Analysis — In this setting, the solver will determine quickly whether the problem has violated basic feasibility rules and report back to the user if such rules have been violated.
  • 接着,我讓我的人都回家去向上帝懺悔自己的罪過,然後再來向我報告。
    Imade my people go to their homes and pray for their wrongdoings. Then, theywould have to report back to me.
  • 看看他有沒有家庭作業,再問問他喜歡什麼不喜歡什麼,然後回來報告。
    Find out if he has any homework, then ask about his likes and dislikes and report back.
  • 因為她不再是她丈夫所信任的紅顏知已,雪莉希望派蒂取代這個位置,然後向她報告情況。
    Since she no longer has her husband's confidence, Sherry wants Patty to obtain it and then report back to her.
  • 為了做好,他們也許可以諮詢帕喬里博士關於怎麼做的詳細意見,然後根據結果傳達報告。
    They might do well to ask Dr Shapiro for more detailed views on how that should be done, and to report back on the results.
  • 我們還要歸去向總部報告請示情形呢。
    We've got to report back to the head office.
  • 他邊說邊把幾張紙和一個肺結核病專家的住址塞到我手裡,要我去見那個專家並回報結果。
    With that, he handed me some papers and the address of a tuberculosis specialist; I was to go see him and report back.
  • 也沒有任何義務向誰報告你在生活中的堅持主見。
    Nor are you under any obligation to report back to the insistent individual in your life.
  • 它還將成立一個由業界代表組成的小組,關注於隱私、信任和管理,到2008年底的時候就歐盟法律需要的任何更大的改變提交相關報告。
    It would also set up a group with industry representatives to focus on privacy, trust and governance and report back by the end of 2008 on any broader changes needed to EU laws.
  • 比如,如果我們想弄清楚一座橋發出的聲音是否是構造性,那就得有人去某地,測量某物,然後整個報告出來。
    If we wanted to find out whether a bridge was structurally sound, for example, someone had to go somewhere, measure something, and report back.
  • 肀胣> 它們回來後,用圈子越縮越小的舞蹈向休息的蜂群報告。
    They report back to the resting swarm by dancing on its contracting surface. e.
  • 我的報告將追溯至數千年前。
    I’ll report back in several millennia.