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n. 槌球;(美)短柄槌球(一種在硬地面上玩的遊戲)
n. (Roque)人名;(法、西、葡)羅克
Roque - 羅克,短柄槌球,槌球
Sao Roque - 聖洛克,聖羅克角,聖羅克
Marianito Roque - 勞工部長羅克
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  • 南美最早的大壩之一普里梅羅河聖羅克水壩就建在這裡,為該市的工業發展提供了充足的電力和水源。
    San Roque dam was constructed here in the city's industrial development has provided adequate power and water.
  • 所有我的前鋒都可以以不同組合搭檔,羅克和本尼肯定有這個能力。
    All my strikers can play together in different combinations and Roque and Benni certainly have that capacity.
  • 一個參加2月23號第八屆哈瓦那雪茄節的代表在吸雪茄。
    29A delegate to the XIII Cigar Festival smokes a cigar on February 23 in Havana. (Adalberto Roque/AFP/Getty Images)
  • 羅格說:“當時機成熟,社會就會進行變革,而我想現在時機已經到了。”
    "Some things happen if and when a society is ready, " says Mr Roque. "I think we are ready. "
  • 租借到布萊克本的射手聖克魯斯渴望本賽季結束後通過永久轉會的方式繼續呆在埃伍德公園球場。
    On-loan Blackburn Rovers striker Roque Santa Cruz is keen to extend his stay at Ewood Park at the end of the season by making his move permanent.
  • 第一次,曼城擁有五名正式在冊的中鋒-聖克魯斯、貝拉米、特維斯、阿德巴約和本賈尼。
    For the record, City have assembled five centre-forwards – Roque Santa Cruz, Craig Bellamy, Carlos Tevez, Emmanuel Adebayor and Benjani Mwaruwari.
  • 士兵們用炮火攻下城堡。
    Castle La Roque awaits its soldiers.
  • 對於羅克的和我這真是難忘的一天。
    It's a great day for Roque and for me.
  • 我父親,唐·羅克,擁有一家汽車配件全國連鎖店。
    My father, Don Roque, owns a national auto parts chain.
  • 本尼跑動範圍大,喜歡參與組織進攻,羅克接應長傳,給我們提供空中威脅。
    Benni likes to come off and get involved in the build-up and Roque goes long and gives us an aerial threat.
  • 在上周賣掉羅克-聖克魯茲和馬特-德比希爾只有阿勒代斯大約有1300萬英鎊的轉會資金。
    Allardyce has around �13million to spend after selling Roque Santa Cruz and Matt Derbyshire this week.
  • 羅克淪陷的那天?。
    The day La Roque falls?
  • 羅克說,現在,每一件兇殺案和每一名被告犯案的證據,已經提交出來,作為法官判決有罪與否的參考。
    Roque says right now evidence is being presented in each murder, for each defendant before the judge can decide innocence or guilt.