rotation axis

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[晶體] 旋轉軸
rotation axis - 旋轉軸,轉動軸,轉軸
rotation-axis - 對稱軸,旋轉對稱軸
rotation of axis - 坐標軸的旋轉,定軸轉動,軸轉動
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  • 根、土複合體在整個破壞過程中形成一個旋轉軸,此軸的位置隨根系形態、土壤類型的不同而變化。
    Moreover, it was shown that root architecture and soil type can significantly modify the hinge of root plate rotation axis.
  • 研製了一種基於PSD的激光三角法非接觸式光電轉軸測量系統。
    A non-contact photoelectricity rotation axis measurement system based on PSD and laser triangulation was developed.
  • 圓形支承框架(6),該圓形支承框架水平安裝在旋轉框架(4)上,並相對於豎直中心旋轉軸線同心;
    A circular support frame (6) is horizontally attached to the rotation frame (4), concentrically in relation to the vertical central rotation axis.
  • 沿自轉軸方向加速飛船的推進器穩定燃燒了約28分鐘。
    Thrusters that accelerate the rotating spacecraft along the direction of the rotation axis burned steadily for about 28 minutes.
  • 其次給出了關聯矩陣、通路矩陣、轉軸矩陣、滑移軸矩陣等量,通過運算得到了樹形結構的動力學方程。
    Second, the incidence matrix, entry matrix, rotation axis matrix, sliding axis matrix and so on are given. The dynamic equations of tree structure are obtained by calculating.
  • 如果你還不了解「進動」這個詞,進動指的是物體繞它的旋轉軸有非球形的擺動。
    For those who haven't heard the word, "precession" is when an object with a nonspherical shape wobbles around its rotation axis.
  • 除了採用旋轉矩陣描述外,還可以用旋轉向量來描述旋轉,旋轉向量的長度(模)表示繞軸逆時針旋轉的角度(弧度)。
    The magnitude of the angle is also unique, with its sign being determined by the sign of the rotation axis.
  • 根 據本發明,用於蓋子的所述樞軸軸線和用於輪子的旋轉軸線為相同的軸 線。
    According to the invention, the pivot axis for the lid and the rotation axis for the wheels are identical.
  • 旋轉軸內置燈管。
    Rotation axis built-in lamp.
  • 滾動軸承的理論旋轉軸心線,對向心軸承即內圈軸心線,對推力軸承則指軸圈軸心線。
    Rolling theoretical rotation axis line of the inner ring to the center axis line of bearings, thrust bearings on the shaft circle refers to the axis line.
  • 本廠主導產品為:IVAK品牌旋轉軸用骨架油封、O型圈,配套生產汽車、摩托車減震器用橡膠件。
    Our leading products are: IVAK brand rotation axis with seal, O-ring, supporting the production of automobile and motorcycle shock absorber rubber parts.
  • 角度為正值,則表示若您順着正旋轉軸方向觀察,對象是按順時針旋轉的。
    Positive values for the angle rotate the object clockwise if you look along the positive rotation axis.
  • 大橋採用的平面轉動軸心體系由平面轉動軸心、內外保險腿和平面環形滑道組成。
    The plane rotation axis system adopted for the bridge is composed of plane rotation axis, inner and outer safety legs and plane ring slideway.
  • 因為角動量必須保持不變,質量往他身體的轉軸靠近所造成的角動量變化,會由他旋轉速率的增加而抵消。
    Because her angular momentum must remain constant, the movement of mass closer to the rotation axis of her body is offset by an increase in her spin rate.
  • 本文提出了一種主射線與旋轉軸成任意入射角度的非常規的三維CT投影方法。
    A non conventional projection method for three dimensional CT is described in which the angle between the main X ray beam and the rotation axis of object is arbitrary.
  • 編碼式傳感器應用於精密測量時,由於旋轉軸的晃動可能引起傳感器輸出波形的抖動,從而導致計數錯誤。
    When using encoder sensor in precise measurement, the shaking of rotation axis can cause change of output waveform of sensor and wrong count.
  • 點(350) 相對轉子(100)的旋轉軸(65)被偏置。
    The points ( 350 ) are offset (r) with respect to the rotation axis ( 65 ) of the rotor ( 100 ).
  • 沿著轉軸兩側分布的物質則快速筆直地落入赤道面。
    Material along the rotation axis falls vertically toward the equatorial plane much faster.
  • ③轉動下端鏈輪小軸,直到鏈條被鏈輪咬合。
    The bottom of the small sprocket ③ rotation axis, until the chain sprocket bite was.
  • 當地球自轉時,自轉軸會像陀螺一樣「動」因此北半球與太陽的距離會逐漸接近,繼而遠離。
    As the earth spins on its rotation axis, it wobbles like a top, slowly swinging the Northern Hemisphere closer to and then farther from the sun.
  • 結論:(1)雙葉皮瓣的設計中心與旋轉軸心是兩個點,兩點間的最大距離等於缺損半徑;
    The conclusions are:(1)The designed center of bilobed flap and rotation axis are two points, the maximum distance between the two equaling to the radius of defect area;
  • 旋轉面重建的關鍵是確定旋轉軸和母線。
    The key point for re-constructing rotation surface is setting up rotation axis and generatrix.