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n. 小河;溝渠
runnel - 小河,小流,小溪
wind runnel - 風洞
runnel fire - 隧道火災
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  • 排架與地基的連接採用整體基礎。
    Build stone runnel With the foundation of the bent overall basis.
  • 他們用防水水泥來防止水從 屋頂的 排水通道里滲透。
    They used waterproof cement to prevent water from seeping through the roof of the runnel.
  • 我聽到了河水歡快的流淌,我環視四周,想尋找些意外的美麗,但是一動不動的黑松林,空闊的草地和嚼草的驢子,都毫無變化。
    I heard the runnel with delight; I looked round me for some-thing beautiful and unexpected; but the still black pine-trees, the hollow glade, the munching ass, remained unchanged in figure.
  • 在來到阿帕拉契亞東部之前,我們一家在亞利桑那州呆了很多年,那裡有一條和這條小溪差不多大小的永久性流河,在我看來應當將這條河劃分為自然保護區。
    Before we came to southern Appalachia, we lived for years in Arizona, where a permanent runnel of that size would merit a nature preserve.
  • 斷裂和區域性不整合面為油氣運移提供了通道,而且對油氣再分布及破壞亦有一定影響。
    The fractures and regional unconformities supply the runnel for the migration of oil and gas, and also have effect on the re-distribution and destruction of oil and gas.
  • 測控系統是風洞試驗系統的重要組成部分,測控管理軟件是實現風洞試驗自動化測控的關鍵。
    The measurement and control system plays a vital role in the wind tunnel test. The management software is a key to the automatic measurement and control system of the wind runnel test.
  • 你如涓涓細流,流淌到我們的心坎里,化作春雨,滋潤萬物。
    Your love, as the runnel, trickles into our heart and turns into spring fall that moistening everything.
  • 但是目前在施工中,探測掌子面前方的水體病害方面,尚是一個待攻克的難題。
    But there is an unsolved problem in the exploration of unfavorable geologic bodies filled with water in the advanced forecast of geology in runnel.
  • 他們使用防雨水泥以防止雨水從屋頂的排水渠里滲透出來。
    They used waterproof cement to prevent water from seeping through the roof of the runnel .