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n. 雕塑;雕刻;刻蝕
vt. 雕塑;雕刻;刻蝕
vi. 從事雕刻
Sculpture - 雕塑,雕刻,雕刻品
Snow sculpture - 雪雕,雪雕,看冰雕
sculpture park - 雕塑公園,雕塑公園
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  • 在公園大道上露天展出費爾南多·博特羅的雕塑,這在紐約還是破天荒的事。
    It is a first for New York. An outdoor exhibition of Fernando Botero's sculpture on Park Avenue.
  • 他精於雕刻。
    He is skilled in sculpture.
  • 繪畫、雕塑和製圖等方面的技巧。
    The skills of painting, sculpture, and drawing.
  • 重要的繪畫、雕塑、鑲嵌畫和建築作品都在威尼斯原地得到了仔細檢查。
    Major works of painting, sculpture, mosaic and architecture were examined in situ in Venice.
  • 兩人都學習雕刻。
    Both studied sculpture.
  • 巴黎的奧賽博物館裡有一件羅丹的石膏雕塑作品。
    In the Mus d'Orsay in Paris is a sculpture in plaster by Rodin.
  • 我對高大的雕塑沒什麼興趣。
    I take no real interest in monumental sculpture.
  • 在雕塑領域,外國藝術家的技藝也早已得到認可。
    In the realm of sculpture too, the technical skill of foreign artists was long recognised.
  • 他的精心之作是一件大象雕塑。
    His tour de force is an elephant sculpture.
  • 多件雕塑作品散落在房子各處。
    Many pieces of sculpture are dotted around the house.
  • 他獨特的經歷為他的園林和雕塑打上了深深的烙印。
    His unusual experience deeply marked his sculpture and garden works.
  • 1982赴紐約畫畫並研究繪畫與雕塑。
    1982 painted and studied painting and sculpture in new york.
  • 他學習雕塑是因為他喜歡玩黏土。
    He studied sculpture because he enjoyed working with clay.
  • 一種修剪和造型的藝術;雕刻和雕塑。
    The arts of shaping or modeling; carving and sculpture.
  • 在雕刻和繪畫,菩薩是佛的區別寶石裝飾及其他屬性。
    In sculpture and painting, a bodhisattva is distinguished from a Buddha by jewelled decoration and other attributes.
  • 她是名藝術家,通過繪畫和雕塑來表達思想。
    She is an artist whose media are painting and sculpture.
  • 繪畫、雕塑和建築領域最近出現了激動人心的藝術突破。
    Exciting artistic breakthroughs have recently occurred in the fields of painting, sculpture and architecture
  • 繪畫、雕塑、建築等統稱為造型藝術。
    Painting sculpture architecture etc. are collectively called the 「 fine arts 」 or 「 plastic arts 」.
  • 他把這些金屬碎片做成一個奇形怪狀的雕塑品。
    He has built these scraps of metal into a very strange-looking sculpture.
  • 一場關於當代雕塑的重要展覽即將在波特蘭美術館開展。
    A significant exhibition of contemporary sculpture will be on view at the Portland Gallery.