security clearance

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  • 憑着她的安全卡, 微縮膠捲很容易就到手了。
    Getting the microfilm had been easy enough with her security clearance.
  • 在過去的 10 年中,只有一小群經過忠誠調查的科學家才能見到某些圖像,但是不能公開使用它們。
    Over the last 10 years, a tiny group of scientists with security clearance was able to see some of the images, but couldn’t use them publicly.
  • 你在為總統工作前需接受安全調查。
    You need security clearance before you can work with the president.
  • 人人把好安全關,處處設防隱患少。
    Everyone good security clearance, everywhere security risks.
  • 所以審判前我不需要經過安全檢查?
    I don't need security clearance for the pretrial?
  • 霍華德:謝了,聽着,我必須得通過安全審核,所以聯邦調查局的人可能會找你們問話。
    Howard: Thanks. Listen, I have to get a security clearance, so you guys might be hearing from the FBI.
  • 分層安全分類與安全範疇的組合,其中的安全範疇表示對象的敏感性或個人的安全許可。
    The combination of a hierarchical security classfication and a security category that represents the sensitivity of an object or the security clearance of an individual.
  • 她在白宮甚至還沒有參加安全調查的資格。近年她在國會投出的最重要一票還是授權發動伊戰,對此她十分後悔。
    Mrs Clinton did not even have security clearance in the White House, and her most important vote in recent years, to authorise the Iraq war, is one that she admits she regrets.
  • “為這些內容你需要安全調查,”她說。
    You need security clearance for that, " she said."
  • 他們沒有記錄我的安全檢查,所以我給他們我的信息了。
    They had no record of my security clearance, so I gave them my info again.
  • 我敢說你可以打着安全檢查的旗號接近他們,要是你想的話。
    I'm sure you could get to them with your security clearance, if you wanted.
  • 人人把好安全關,處處設防漏洞少。
    Everyone good security clearance, there are fewer loopholes everywhere.
  • 這是對你的安全檢查。
    This is your security clearance .
  • 但是她得到了不錯的升職,並在她父親的幫助下接受了安全調查,並收到到麥可羅斯島在朗博士手下研究SDF-1的委任書。
    But she made good her promise, and with her father's assistance had received a security clearance and an assignment to Macross Island to work under Dr. Lang aboard the SDF-1.
  • 他說“為了安全調查流程“更快,更便宜”,他們正在努力中。
    Another effort aims at making the security clearance process "faster and cheaper, " he says.
  • 嘿,我想知道你是怎麼拿到最高級別認證的。
    Don:Hey, I want to know how you got a top security clearance.
  • “你會因此而接受安全檢查的”她解釋說。
    "You need security clearance for that, " she said.