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Stickier Tires - 棘手輪胎
It's gonna get stickier too - 使得天氣更加溼熱
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  • 細粒糙米煮出來的口感比長粒糙米更粘,這種粘粘的特質讓它在和少許熱油一起炒之後會變得有點像蛋糕酥皮脆硬的外殼。
    It cooks up much stickier than long-grain rice, and that sticky quality seems to translate into more crust when the rice spends time with a little hot oil.
  • 由於膽固醇和血液變得更粘稠,醫療診斷會增加低密度脂蛋白。
    As the cholesterol and the blood get stickier, the medical diagnosis will be an increase of LDL.
  • 割傷的時候,血液會變得更為黏稠以助於凝結。
    Blood becomes stickier to help coagulation in case of a cut.
  • 氣味比藍色男孩或阿姆斯特丹重。
    A stickier, heavier scent compared to Blue Boy or Amsterdam.
  • 糯米粉的用量根據自己的喜好添加,越多越粘稠;
    Add the glutinous rice flour as u prefer , the more the stickier.
  • 然而,當涉及到網上交流時,這就變成更加棘手的領域。
    However, when it comes to communicating online it becomes even stickier territory.
  • 血液變得越來越粘稠,使得很難被泵到全身,所以你的心率會加快譯作補償。
    Blood becomes thicker and stickier, making it harder to pump around the body, so your heart rate increases to compensate.
  • 當LDL被氧化後變得粘稠,機體內更可能形成斑塊。
    When LDL is oxidized it becomes stickier and therefore more likely to form plaque.
  • 在這個高速發展的時代,許多現實問題變得錯綜複雜。想想吧。
    In a fast developing world, problems tend to be stickier than ever. Think about this.
  • 這將會使雅虎主頁變得更加讓用戶依賴,並成為網絡用戶瀏覽互聯網的根據地。
    This is supposed to make the Yahoo portal "stickier" and the centre of web users' internet experience.
  • 細辨禽蛋:一般來說,形狀較圓的蛋黃較多,殼越粗糙的越新鮮,蛋白較濃最及黏性較大的為新鮮的。
    Differentiate eggs of poultry: Generally, eggs of round shape contain much yolk, those with rougher shell are fresher and those with thicker and stickier egg white are fresh.
  • 更具延展性,粘性的蛛絲則被用於織出捕獲獵物的螺旋形結構。
    Stretchier, stickier silk is used to create the spiral that captures prey.
  • 抗氧化劑還有其他不少好處,比如,它有助於防止低密度脂蛋白膽固醇硬化而結成斑塊。
    Antioxidants, for instance, help prevent "bad" LDL cholesterol from becoming stickier and forming plaque.
  • 這意味着,這種類型的脂肪是更具粘性,允許它堅持你的動脈。
    This means that this type of fat is stickier, allowing it to stick to your arteries.
  • 銀行正減少對批發融資的依賴,轉而依靠粘性存款。
    Banks are reducing their dependence on wholesale funding and increasing their reliance on "stickier" deposits.