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n. 戰略,策略
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  • 所以不需要將對該策略的變更引入到分析模型中,而是引入到設計模型中,在該模型中變更所產生的影響最大。
    So changes to this strategy need not be introduced into the analysis model, but rather in the design model where they would have the most impact.
  • 你的戰略是什麼?
    What was your strategy?
  • 你可以學習一些戰略和技巧來克服它。
    And you can defeat it, with strategy and skill.
  • 正如前面所提到的,這個分組需要在適當的位置處理當前的分支策略。
    This grouping, as mentioned above, has everything to do with the branching strategy currently in place.
  • 如果是的話,我的雲策略應該是什麼?
    If so, what should be my cloud strategy?
  • 你們的策略是什麼?
    What is your strategy?
  • 她還幫助我了解到我的個人目標與我的商業戰略的協調程度。
    She also helped me to understand how my personal goals fitted with my business strategy.
  • 你的分支策略是什麼?
    What is your branching strategy?
  • 設計用於在您的企業中實現 SOA 的策略應該首先回答這些問題。
    The strategy devised for implementing an SOA in your enterprise should first answer these questions.
  • 因此,業務和IT必須一起組成公司的戰略。
    Therefore, Business and IT should form a corporate strategy together.
  • 我們對於,他們的商業戰略應該是什麼存在不同的觀點。
    We had distinct ideas about what their business strategy should be.
  • 根據定義,你的戰略應當解答大家的疑問:「你為我們幹些什麼?
    Your strategy must, by definition, answer the questions that everyone has, 「What do you do for me?
  • 迄今為止這一策略似乎是有效的。
    So far the strategy seems to be working.
  • 至於索尼和索尼愛立信,在不久的將來我們必須要有統一的戰略。
    As for Sony and Sony Ericsson, we have to have unified strategy yet to come.
  • 戰術有別於戰略。
    Tactics differs from strategy.
  • 那麼,了解了上述趨勢,你打算做點什麼? 它們將如何影響你2010年的營銷策略呢?
    So what do you do with these trends and how do they affect your 2010 marketing strategy?
  • 他們會有一個新戰略嗎?
    Do they have a new strategy?
  • 這一策略在實驗室中可行,但是到了辦公室就不那麼奏效了。
    This strategy works in the lab but would not go over well in an office.
  • 對於任何組織,一個最重要的反覆的決策就是在他們對手面前,他們自己的策略是什麼?
    One of the most important recurring decisions for any group is what their strategy will be in the face of opposition.