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vbl. 奮鬥;努力
v. 奮鬥;努力
struggled - 掙扎,努力,明爭暗鬥
Be Struggled - 挨斗
Struggledand struggled - 是由兩個動詞連用表示動作的反覆
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鬥爭 / 打鬥 / 奮鬥 / 難事
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努力, 掙扎, 奮鬥; 盡力使得, 使勁移動
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  • 她順利地通過數學考試,而他卻異常地吃力。
    While she sailed through her maths exams, he struggled
  • 他掙扎了一會,然後便死去了。
    He struggled for a moment and then died.
  • 我上學總是很吃力。我討厭學習,覺得太難了。
    I'd always struggled at school. I hated it and felt out of my depth.
  • 過了一會兒,她漸漸不那麼噁心了,掙扎着到了鏡子前。
    After a while, the sickness gradually passed and she struggled to the mirror.
  • 凱瑟琳艱難地站起來。
    Catherine struggled to her feet
  • 安妮努力幫助彼得和扎拉完成他們的家庭作業。
    Anne struggled to help Peter and Zara with their prep.
  • 現場有她和攻擊者扭打過的痕跡。
    There were signs that she struggled with her attacker.
  • 出租車司機費力地拿着她的行李,進門時把一個包剮破了。
    The cab driver struggled with her luggage, scraping a bag against the door as they came in
  • 他費勁脫下他那件笨重的夾克,隨手把它扔在后座上。
    He struggled out of his bulky jacket and threw it on to the back seat
  • 他掙扎着要逃脫。
    He struggled to get free.
  • 我慌了,第一個想法是他們會殺了我啊,所以我拚命的掙扎和大叫。
    I panicked, and my first thought was that they will kill me, so I STRUGGLED and SCREAMED.
  • 你和襲擊者爭鬥過。
    You struggled with the attacker.
  • 該隊前面打得很艱難,但就在關鍵時刻拼出了士氣。
    The team, who struggled early, came on like gangbusters at precisely the right time.
  • 他本欲作一番掙扎,卻已力不從心。
    He would have struggled but his strength had melted.
  • 他們在地上扭打成一團,她向他尖叫着「別打了」。
    She screamed at him to 'stop it' as they struggled on the ground
  • 飛行員艱難地從失事的飛機中爬出來,幾乎沒有受傷。
    The pilot struggled out of the wreck almost uninjured
  • 他和小偷搏鬥了一會兒。
    He struggled with the thief for a while.
  • 他永遠忘不了挨斗的滋味。
    He will never forget the taste of being struggled against.
  • 我使勁掙扎,但他又高又壯。
    I struggled, but he was a tall man, well-built.
  • 我掙扎着穿上浴衣,踉蹌地下了樓。
    I struggled into a bathrobe and staggered down the stairs.
  • 當情緒幾近失控的人群拚命想接近他時,警察和保鏢不得不保護他。
    Police and bodyguards had to protect him as the almost hysterical crowds struggled to approach him
  • 有跡象表明,在她被連刺數刀前,曾與襲擊者進行過搏鬥。
    There were signs that she struggled with her attacker before she was repeatedly stabbed.
  • 小馬一邊掙扎,一邊踢騰。
    The pony struggled and kicked.
  • 喬治瘋狂地掙扎,不斷在水面上浮浮沉沉。
    George struggled wildly, going under and resurfacing at regular intervals.
  • 他曾想方設法還債主的錢,但卻再也躲不過他們了。
    He had struggled to pay off creditors but couldn't fend them off any longer.
  • 竭力保持着端莊形象的女孩們發出了尷尬的尖叫。
    There were shrieks of embarrassment as the girls struggled to protect their modesty.
  • 拐過斜彎時他竭力將自行車把穩。
    He struggled to hold the bike down on the banked corners
  • 我提着行李艱難地走着,迫切地尋找着搬運工。
    I struggled with my bags, desperately looking for a porter.
  • 他們通過實施低技術規格拚命限制成本。
    They struggled to limit the cost by enforcing a low-tech specification