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adj. 慍怒的,不高興的;(天氣)陰沉的;沉悶的
sullen - 慍怒的,陰沉的,沉悶的
Or Sullen - 或慍怒
Sullen Sea - 怒海
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  • 他很安靜,話多的剛好讓他不會顯得陰沉。
    he was quiet, but said enough not to seem sullen.
  • 這些被驅逐的人類陰鬱而惱怒,就像戰俘一樣。
    The evicted humans are sullen and angry, like POW’s.
  • 亨利是一個整潔的男士,他的實驗工作服很乾淨,他的頭髮梳理過,而且整齊的分開;他很安靜,話多的剛好讓他不會顯得陰沉。
    Henry was a neat man, his lab coat clean, what remained of his hair combed and parted precisely; he was quiet, but said enough not to seem sullen.
  • 如果沒人惹他,他比往常可安靜多了;更陰沉些,沮喪些,火氣少些。
    He is quieter now than he used to be, if no one provokes him: more sullen and depressed, and less furious.
  • 天空陰沉,一片鉛灰色,但是景色壯觀。
    The sky was sullen, two parts copper to one of lead, but the scenery majestic.
  • 即使其他一切萬物都在緬甸的悶熱中枯萎,她習慣帶在頭上的鮮花也似乎永遠不會凋零。
    The blossoms she customarily wears in her hair never seem to wilt, even as everything else droops in Burma's sullen heat.
  • 希刺克厲夫,親愛的! 現在你不該沉着臉。
    Heathcliff, dear! you should not be sullen now.
  • 女孩起初討厭你是因為你看上去很難懂。
    Girls hate you initially because you seem mysterious and sullen.
  • 此外,他們深藏內心中的一個疑慮是,歐元區成員可能會接二連三的要求救助,這根本就是一出大戲。
    Deep down lurks the sullen suspicion that this is a drama that the euro zone may be condemned to relive time and again.
  • 他又不高興了,開始咒罵起來。
    He grew sullen, and began to swear.
  • 在我們家裡,悶悶不樂是不會有人搭理你的。
    A fit of the sullen got short shrift in our house.
  • 它試着向前邁了幾步,嗅了嗅毫無生氣的空氣。
    It took a few steps forward, and sniffed the sullen air.
  • 你可以看到時尚模特們那冷酷的臉,很顯然,充斥着憤怒的氣息。
    You see it on the sullen faces of fashion models who have obviously been told that anger sells.
  • 那是三月里明亮寒冷的一天,晚上壁爐未盡的余火散發出讓人吃驚卻昏昏沉沉的熱氣,那是她喜歡的餘熱。
    It was March, a bright cold day, and the ashy remains of her night’s fire gave off a surprising sullen heat, for which she was not ungrateful.
  • 但是這次慍怒的歐洲人對他卻是不理不睬。
    But this time he was being greeted by sullen indifference.
  • 只要陰鬱的情緒不來襲擊他的時候,他是純潔得像一個孩子,因為這時他就變得非常活潑,在森林裡跑來跑去,像一隻被追逐着的雄鹿。
    He was gentle as a child as long as the sullen mood did not come over him; but when it came he was fierce, became as strong as a giant, and ran about in the wood like a chased deer.