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n. 太陽
vt. 使曬
vi. 曬太陽
n. (Sun)人名;(中)孫(普通話·威妥瑪);(柬)孫;(緬)素;(土)松
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  • 我醒來時只見陽光燦爛。
    I awoke to bright sun-light.
  • 中午的陽光融化了屋頂上的雪。
    The sun at noon thawed the snow on the roof.
  • 熱帶的太陽整日灼曬着我們。
    The tropic sun glared down on us all day.
  • 我們可以畫出地球繞太陽運行的軌跡。
    We can draw the earth's orbit round the sun.
  • 那老人坐在冬天的陽光下出神。
    The old man sat bemused in the winter sun.
  • 那天下午陽光直射在我們身上。
    The sun was blazing down on us that afternoon.
  • 斜射的陽光以光輪環抱電視塔。
    The slanting rays of the sun aureoled the television tower.
  • 在陽光下牆上的油漆起氣泡了。
    The sun blistered the paint on the wall.
  • 他的面孔被太陽曬成古銅色。
    His face was bronzed by the sun.
  • 酷熱的陽光把鮮花曬枯萎了。
    The flowers scorched under the brutal sun.
  • 露珠在早晨的陽光下閃着光。
    Dewdrops sparkle in the morning sun.
  • 下了幾天雨後,太陽出來了。
    The sun came through after days of rain.
  • 在早晨的陽光下, 薄霧渙然消散了。
    The mist melted rapidly in the morning sun.
  • 太陽正徐徐地沉入地平線下。
    The sun is gradually sinking below the horizon.
  • 雪在陽光下融化了。
    The snow thawed in the sun.
  • 夏天的太陽把他們曬得黝黑。
    They were burnt brown with the summer sun.
  • 陽光映射在江面上。
    The sun shines upon the river.
  • 暖和的太陽催得花兒開了。
    The warm sun fetched the flowers out.
  • 銀河系外的有些星體其光度超過太陽。
    Some stars out of Milky Way outblaze the sun.
  • (溫暖的)陽光化去了露水。
    The warm sun evaporated the dew.
  • 蘋果在陽光照耀下逐漸熟了。
    The apples are mellowing in the sun.
  • 他倆不約而同地走出房間去享受那溫暖的陽光。
    Of one accord, they went out of their room to enjoy the warmth of the sun.
  • 炎熱的陽光很快使冰融化了。
    The hot sun soon melted the ice.
  • 衣服在陽光下很快就幹了。
    The clothes soon dried off in the sun.
  • 太陽從雲層里露出。
    The sun emerges from behind the clouds.
  • 太陽給我們帶來光明。
    The sun gives us light.
  • 圓圓的太陽已經要落山了。
    Already the round sun was setting.
  • 布達拉宮比過去更加壯麗地矗立在燦爛的陽光中。
    The Potala stands more superb than ever in the bright sun.
  • 太陽下山時天空的顏色變暗。
    The colour of the sky deepened as the sun went down.