tight five

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  • 然而,醜小鴨一樣的角色則與陌生人保持五尺半的距離並更為守口如瓶。
    Ugly-duckling avatars, meanwhile, stayed five and a half feet away from strangers and were more tight- lipped .
  • 囊胚腔是囊胚中充滿液體的腔室,大約在胚胎髮育的第四或五天形成,此時胚胎外周細胞間形成緊密連接。
    This is a fluid-filled cavity in the blastocyst and is formed on about day four or five when the embryo forms tight junctions between the cells around its periphery.
  • 她會每天來換樹葉,這兩個老太太會在一起親密交談,在我們的五天度假期間結成親密夥伴。
    She would return every day to replace the leaves, and the two would sit talking, forming a tight bond during the five nights we were there.
  • 迪安斯和羅滕伯格選擇了緊湊型M’elodie線陣列揚聲器來滿足精準覆蓋角擴聲需求,配置為5箱體一列,共4列緊吊裝在頂棚。
    Deans and Rothenberg selected the tight pattern control of M'elodie line array loudspeakers to deliver the precise coverage needed, with four hangs of five boxes, flown tight to the ceiling.
  • 儘管該比率在新的五速是足夠接近公路的使用,有嚴格的差距將是一個優勢越野時設法解決傾斜或緊演習。
    Even though the ratios in the new five-speed are close enough for highway use, having tighter gaps would have been an advantage off-road when trying to tackle inclines or tight maneuvers.
  • 五個人物象徵人類奧運會所代表的人類統一精神的五個緊緊相連的圓環!
    Five person physical images draft human Olympic Games office representative the humanity to unify the spiritual five tight connected rings!
  • 如果你覺得肌肉緊繃,需要先做個拉伸,至少要做個5到10分鐘的慢跑作為熱身。
    If you feel tight and need to stretch before, do it after you've warmed up with a slow five or ten minute jog.
  • 這一點隨着為2008年至2012年,2013年至2017 年和2018年至2022年的日益嚴格控制的五年碳預算已經做好了。
    This it has done, with increasingly tight five-year carbon budgets for 2008-2012, 2013-2017 and 2018-2022.
  • 他叫傑弗,出身於一個拮据的五口之家,在這裡打工,是為了付大學學費。
    His name was Jeff. I learned he came from a family of five where finances were tight. This job helped pay for his college education.
  • 五環分別為藍、黑、紅、黃、綠色,三環在上,兩環在下,環環相扣,緊緊聯在一起。
    Five links be blue, black, are respectively red, yellow, the green, three links in on, two links in under, are linked together, tight association in same place.