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tissue-like - 類組織
tissue-like solution - 組織仿體液
tissue-like fat - 薄層脂肪,肌肉組織內脂肪
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  • 與之相比堅硬10倍的那些凝膠——如同肌肉——生成肌肉細胞,硬度再高的凝膠則生成骨骼(《細胞》,第126卷,第677頁)。
    In contrast, gels that were 10 times stiffer - like muscle tissue - generated muscle cells, and yet stiffer gels gave rise to bone (Cell, vol 126, p 677).
  • 目的:以人牙源性上皮和間充質細胞作為種子細胞在裸鼠體內構建牙齒樣結構。
    AIM:To tissue engineer the tooth-like structure with human dental epithelial and mesenchymal cells as seed cells in vivo.
  • 目的研製熒光分子斷層成像實驗系統,獲取組織仿體內近紅外熒光探針的3-D圖像。
    Objective To develop the fluorescence molecular imaging system and obtain the 3D images of near-infrared fluorescent probe in tissue-like solution.
  • 結論:移植膠原半月板移植物後,具有不同生物力學性質的半月板樣活性組織形成,且使用這種移植物是安全的。
    Conclusions: New biomechanically competent meniscus-like tissue forms after placement of a collagen meniscus implant, and use of the implant appears safe.
  • 陰性對照組標本的體積較植入前明顯縮小,組織學及免疫組織化學均未見軟骨樣組織形成。
    Histological examination showed that the constructs of the negative control group shrunk gradually after in vivo implantation with no typical cartilage-like tissue formation.
  • 人滑膜細胞呈成纖維細胞狀,是健康的滑膜組織中主要的細胞類型。
    Human synoviocytes (HS), the predominant cell type of healthy synovial tissue, are fibroblast-like cells.
  • 研究人員希望在這個組織上通過激發肌紅蛋白——一種含鐵蛋白質——的產量,來給予它一個更像肉的外觀。
    Researchers hope that by stimulating the production of myoglobin, the iron-bearing protein, in the tissue they can give it a more meat-like appearance.
  • 目的使培養肝細胞在體外重建細胞極性。
    Tissue-like Culture of Hepatocytes for Application in Bioartificial Liver;
  • 在不久的未來,這種3D打印技術可以用來製造類活組織物質,作為藥物測試的樣品。
    In the more immediate future it could be used to generate biopsy-like tissue samples for drug testing.
  • 結果空白對照組半月板裂口均未見癒合,FS治療組能形成疤痕組織癒合。
    Results Filling FS in the avascular portion of the menisci resulted in scar-like tissue healing, and there was no healing in the control group.
  • 目的探討應激引起大鼠腦卒中時細胞與機體防禦基因的表達差異以及其在發病學中的意義。
    Objective To explore the differential expression of genes for cell and organism defense in brain tissue in stroke-like episodes induced by stress in rats.
  • 結論: 脊椎滑脫是椎弓峽部間的假性關節, 滑脫組織趨於形成無神經分布的韌帶樣帶有肌腱結構的組織。
    Conclusion. Spondylolysis is a pseudarthorosis of the pars interarticularis and the spondylolytic tissue tends to develop noninnervated ligament-like tissue with an enthesis structure.
  • 結果體外培養8周時,所有標本均形成了軟骨樣組織,但質地較軟,組織結構相對較為鬆散。
    Results All the specimens formed cartilage-like tissue after 8 weeks' in vitro culture, except for a weak intension and incompact tissue structure.
  • 一些腫瘤細胞巢有周邊柵欄狀排列,另一些細胞在膠原結締組織之間形成性索樣結構。
    Some neoplastic cell nests have peripheral palisading, and some cells form cord-like structure between collagenous connective tissue.
  • 由於病變組織位於黏膜組織內呈丘疹樣或息肉樣外觀,因此需從臨床及組織學角度與多種病變相鑑別。
    The lesions located in the mucosal tissue with polyp-like or papular appearance, so they should be differentiated from other neoplasms or non-neoplastic lesions.
  • 類脂質漸進性壞死是發生在真皮結締組織的疾病, 以小腿脛前的硬皮病樣斑塊為臨床特徵。
    Necrobiosis lipoidica (NL) is a dermal connective tissue-involved disease characterized by scleroderma-like patches in the pretibial area.
  • 術後12周實驗組新生組織與受體肌腱組織完好連接,呈條索狀,與周圍其他組織無粘連;
    At 12 weeks postoperatively, in the experimental group a tendon-like tissue could be seen and repaired the defect effectively, without adherence to other tissues.
  • 其發病原因除腦血管損害等病理因素外,遺傳因素也起着重要的作用。
    Cerebrovascular lesions, leukoaraiosis (LA) and AD-like tissue changes of brain shrinkage are the major etiological mechanisms.