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n. (Trans) (丹)唐(人名)
adj. 反式的;跨性別的;(有機體)異型結合的
abbr. 交易;交易行為;交流;事務 (transaction);及物的;(關係)可遞的;過度的 (transitive);(尤指職業)翻譯;翻譯程序;電視差頻轉播機 (translator)
trans - 變壓器,反式,橫過
Material Trans - 材質透明,材質通明
TRANS PROGRAM - 變速器故障,請立即停車,電控自動變速器故障
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  • 結論反式脂肪酸是冠心病的危險因素之一。
    Conclusion Trans fatty acids may be a risk factor for coronary heart diseases.
  • 所以,我希望我們能都同意,反式脂肪是壞的,為人體。
    So, I hope we can both agree that trans fats are bad for the human body.
  • 這意味着她的杯子蛋糕里沒有任何反式脂肪酸transfattyacids&而大多數市場上的烘焙製品都用人造奶油。
    This means no trans fatty acids in her cupcakes, unlike many commercially made baked goods in the market.
  • 最壞的髮式脂肪和飽和脂肪的。
    The worst kinds of fat are trans fats and saturated fats.
  • 它不需要加氫,加氫以後雖然可使油更穩定,但卻可以產生反式脂肪。
    It does not require hydrogenation, which stabilizes oil but creates trans fats.
  • 順式、反式白藜蘆醇的平均回收率分別為944%和976%。
    The recovery of CIS and trans resveratrol was944% and976%, respectively.
  • 我們打開了引擎蓋,並有一個洞,我們的跨橋的大小四分之一。
    We opened the hood and there was a hole in our trans axle about the size of a quarter.
  • 對於反式脂肪,還有一點重要的知識。
    And there's a big one with the trans fats.
  • 兩家快餐公司都表態說他們將不斷努力減少食用油中的反式脂肪。
    Both companies say they are committed to phasing out the trans fats from their cooking oils.
  • 反式脂肪是壞膽固醇水平和提高比飽和脂肪更有害。
    Trans fats raise bad cholesterol levels and are more harmful than saturated fats.
  • 當氫被加到植物油中使之發生氫化的時候,反義脂肪酸就生產出來了。
    Trans fat is produced when hydrogen is added to vegetable oil through hydrogenation.
  • 反式脂肪酸沒有營養價值。
    Trans fats have no nutritional value.
  • 反式脂肪酸已成了食品界的頭號毒藥。
    Trans fat has become box office poison in the food world.