under estimate

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vt. 低估;看輕
n. 低估
under estimate - 低估
Under-Estimate - 低估
Don T Under Estimate - 不要低估
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  • 我們不能低估他們,但是我們將會看看他們再次重蹈維甘比賽的覆轍。
    We cannot under-estimate them but we'll see if they perform again like they did against Wigan.
  • 我敦請同學要踴躍的參與課堂討論,我要指出,大多數同學傾向於低估而非高估他們所作發言的價值。
    I encourage active student participation in class. I should point out that most students typically tend to under-estimate - rather than over-estimate - the worth of what they have to say.
  • 研究表明,人們往往會低估自己的體重,高估自己的身高。
    Studies have shown that people tend to under estimate their weight and over estimate their height .
  • 很多人都瞧不起我們中專學生。
    Many people under estimate us as technology high school students.
  • 這一周,你不可低估“言論”的力量。
    You can't under-estimate the importance of "words" this week...
  • 永遠不要低估你的敵人。
    Never under estimate your enemy.
  • 拉法-貝尼特斯已經強調利物浦不應該輕視烏爾濟切尼所帶來的威脅,他們希望贏得歐羅巴聯賽的冠軍。
    Rafael Benitez has insisted Liverpool won't under-estimate the threat posed by Unirea Urziceni to their hopes of winning the UEFA Europa League.
  • 這並非貶低或者低估溫格最近的成就,他是個非凡的教練,他的球隊就是他的執教才能的閃亮證明。
    This is not to belittle or under-estimate Wenger's latest achievement. He is a fantastic manager whose team is a glowing testament to his managerial ability.
  • 結果顯示,部份規範條文及經驗公式在風向角為零時之風力預估過於偏低。
    Comparison with current codes indicated that several existing building codes tends to under estimate the actual wind load at zero attack angle.
  • 勝出者是堅定的,但低估了所需要投入的努力。
    The champions are committed, but under-estimate the effort.
  • 和阿雷佐的比賽,我們有優勢,不過我們也不能掉以輕心,他們在最近的比賽中剛剛戰勝了里米尼隊。
    We have a good advantage over Arezzo but we can't under-estimate them as they had a good win over Rimini in the last game.
  • 不要低估你的才能,你知道如何判斷一個投資是否明智。
    Don't under-estimate your talent for knowing what is and is not a wise investment.
  • 不要低估行銷您的產品的時候利用經驗證的、 成功的市場行銷策略的值。
    Don't under-estimate the value of utilizing proven, successful marketing tactics when it comes to marketing your products.