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prep. 在…的下面;在…的形式下;在…的支配下
n. 下面;底部
adj. 下面的;底層的
adv. 在下面;在底下
underneath - 在下面,暗流,在
Underneath me - 在我心底
Underneath underneath - 暗流
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  • 他在運動服裡面襯着游泳衣。
    He wore his swimsuit underneath his slacks.
  • 葉子的表面有黃色斑塊,背面則有桔色粉狀圓點。
    The leaves have yellow areas on the top and underneath are powdery orange spots
  • 用一塊木板的邊壓在下面的一塊木板上,船就這樣造出來。
    The boat is built by lapping the edge of one board over the board underneath.
  • 碗底下有一條裂痕。
    There's a crack on the underneath of the bowl.
  • 褥子下面兒鋪着一領席。
    There is a mat underneath the mattress.
  • 她的公寓在一個叫「醒神」的酒吧下面。
    Her apartment was underneath a bar, called 'The Lift'.
  • 但是幽默的背後卻透着怨氣。
    But underneath the humour is an edge of bitterness
  • 崖沙燕是一種褐羽白腹的鳥。
    The sand martin is a brown bird with white underneath
  • 我能感覺到脊骨就在下面。
    I can feel the spine just underneath it.
  • 把日期寫在地址下面。
    Put the date underneath the address.
  • 她過去喜歡做巧克力夾心布丁,你知道吧,就是裡面有巧克力醬之類的東西的。
    She used to make all these chocolate puddle puddings, you know, with the sauce underneath and all this sort of thing.
  • 在內心深處,他和尼克一樣暴躁不安。
    He was as violent as Nick underneath
  • 喬強顏歡笑,但內心裡感到有些不安。
    Joe forced a smile, but underneath he was a little disturbed
  • 索菲婭從內心裡對丈夫忠貞不貳。
    Underneath, Sofia was deeply committed to her husband.
  • 在這一切正常的表象下潛伏的是將使這個家庭四分五裂的毒癮。
    Underneath this image of normalcy, addiction threatened to rip this family apart.
  • 底下的空間可用作儲藏區。
    The space underneath could be used as a storage area
  • 他年青、任性,但骨子裡是個好人。
    He's young, very headstrong, but he's a good man underneath.
  • 內心裡我覺得他是個非常討厭的傢伙。
    Underneath I think he's actually a rather nasty piece of work.
  • 我雖然有很多朋友,但心底里還是懼怕寂寞。
    I have so many friends, but deep down, underneath, I have a fear of loneliness.
  • 我看了看轎車,發現下面已經生鏽了。
    Looking at the car, I could see that the underneath was rusty.
  • 她解開披風,露出了穿在裡面的睡衣。
    She unfastened her cloak, revealing her nightdress underneath.
  • 看看椅子的下面,檢查一下它的實際構造。
    Check the actual construction of the chair by looking underneath