wine rack

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放葡萄酒的架子;[食品] 酒架;壁掛酒架
wine glass Rack - 杯架
Bicycle Wine Rack - 自行車壁掛酒架,自行車酒架
Wine Rack Chrome Plated - 廠家供應外銷產品酒架,廠家外銷產品酒架
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  • 由此,該擱架至少可疊放三層酒瓶,合理地利用了冰箱後部的剩 余空間;
    Therefore, the rack can store at least three stories of wine bottles, and the residual space at the rear part of the ice-box is reasonably utilized;
  • 設計師們使用了一個典型的木質酒架作為模板,還有一些單獨的木板來完成總體概念。
    Designers used a typical wooden wine rack as a module, also some single planks to fullfill whole conception.
  • 他把那幾瓶酒放到了架子上。
    He put the bottles of wine in a rack .
  • 你應該把那幾瓶酒放到架子上。
    You should rack these bottles of wine.
  • 點擊中心的葡萄酒架,消除了一瓶酒。
    Click on the center wine rack and remove a BOTTLE OF WINE.
  • 這是收集的一個廚房用具,把一些盤疊放在上面可以控水,排列整齊,它也可以…
    The Aurea collection of flat pack kitchenware from Amor de Madre features dish draining racks in two sizes that be stowed away tidily when not needed. There is also a similar wine rack available.
  • 酒架;
    Wine rack; island table;
  • 這是本廠新開發的一款火燒木展示架,外觀精美大方,色澤自然,做工精細,極具藝術欣賞價值。
    This is a new product of our factory. It's fire wood wine rack , with exquisite appearance, natural color, fine workmanship and great art appreciation value.
  • 取出小牛排放置一邊,鍋里剩下的汁拌入紅酒、蜜糖和小牛上湯調煮紅酒汁。
    Remove veal rack from pan. Add red wine, honey and veal jus to the remaining sauce in the pan and cook.
  • 奧利弗從冰箱的架子上拿了一瓶白酒。
    Oliver plucked a bottle of white wine from the rack in the fridge door.
  • 我買了兩張高腳椅和一個酒杯架,然後終於可以享受夢寐以求的把台生活了!
    I just bought two bar stools and a table wine glass rack, so that I can enjoy the bar at home, which I've always dreamed to do. PERFECT!
  • 解決了在冰箱中只有鋼絲酒架, 而設有多功能酒盒的問題。
    Solved the refrigerator only have steel wire wine rack, but a multi-function wine box.
  • 產品外觀精美,耐酸抗鹼、無毒,經久耐用,是優質生活的首選。
    This Wine Rack beauty design, exellent acid-proof alkaline, non-poisonous and durable. It's the best choice for the quality of life.
  • 衣架。書架。酒架。CD架。電視櫃和燈具組合。它們都會是以很抽象的形式裝飾你的家。而“線”最引人注目的特點就是無間斷。
    Incorporating a work table, hanger, bookshelf, wine rack , CD rack , TV stand and lighting unit appearing as design objects in their purest forms.
  • 此酒富含辛香,頗富異域芬芳。焦油、香料及黑醋栗的芳香十分濃郁。
    Spice rack of a wine, rather exotic. Concentrated aromas of tar, spices and currants.
  • 摘要: 在你品嘗葡萄酒、啤酒和烈酒時,有沒有想過要怎麼儲藏這些酒精飲料才能讓它們保持新鮮、美味的口感呢? 下面我們就來學習一些基本的貯酒知識吧!
    ABSTRACT: In orde to retain the flavour of your booze and to make the most of your liquor cabinet and wine rack, you'll need to know some basics for alcohol storage.