with one accord

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with one accord - 一致地,一致同意地,全體一致地
with one accord voice - 異口同聲地
cheer with one accord - 齊聲喝彩
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  • 他們步調一致地轉身走過草坪。
    With one accord they turned and walked back over the grass.
  • 主藉使徒的手,在民間行了許多神跡奇事,(他們(或作信的人)同心合意的在所羅門的廊下。
    And by the hands of the apostles were many signs and wonders wrought among the people; (and they were all with one accord in Solomon's porch.
  • 他們異口同聲地表揚湯姆。
    They praised Tom with one accord.
  • 若上帝的兒女們肯每天來到祂的面前,同心等候祂的應許,上帝能力的供應是無限無量的。
    If God's children will agree with one accord to wait for the promise of the Father each day, there is no limit to what God will do for them.
  • 他們起立,一致為他歡呼。
    With one accord they stood up to cheer him.
  • 他們不約而同,開始儘可能不出聲地爬進小屋去。
    With one accord they began to creep as quietly as possible into the cottage.
  • 當蔥出現的時候,我們全體一致起立歡呼。
    With one accord we all stood up and cheered when Chris appeared.
  • 老師們異口同聲地稱讚他。
    The teachers praised him with one accord.
  • 在這裡,被贖回的,唱歌的和跳舞的,都將一起以感激的心情讚美神的榮耀。
    Here the redeemed, both as choir and orchestra, shall praise with one accord, extolling the glory of their God with thankful hearts.
  • 廣播裡有一個聲音號召大家“一起來頌揚神聖的上帝”,另外一個聲音提議大家“在神聖的和平中入睡”-然而,天堂的神聖及和平對我來說是那麼遙遠。
    Another voice called to "let us all with one accord sing praises to our heavenly Lord" and another, to "sleep in heavenly peace" but heaven and peace seemed so distant to me.
  • 所以我們同心定意,揀選幾個人,差他們同我們所親愛的巴拿巴,和保羅,住你們那裡去。
    It seemed good unto us, being assembled with one accord, to send chosen men unto you with our beloved Barnabas and Paul
  • 他剛剛開始演唱,他們就一齊離開了房間。
    He had only just started to sing when with one accord they left the room.
  • 男孩子們一致地把目光從比爾老漢身上移到山上紅教堂,那尖塔上的金色十字架發出火紅的亮光。
    The boys with one accord looked away from Old Pierre to the red church on the hill, with the gold cross flaming on its steeple.
  • 6眾人 聽見 了,又 看見 腓利 所行 的神跡 ,就同心合意 的聽從 他 的話 。
    And the people with one accord gave heed unto those things which Philip spake, hearing and seeing the miracles which he did.
  • 他們全體一致起立歡呼。
    With one accord they all stood up and cheered.
  • 他剛剛開始表演唱,他們就一下子離開了房間。
    He had only just started to sing when with one accord they left the room.