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n. 包裝材料;包裝紙(wrapping的複數形式)
Wrappings - 包裝,包裝材料,包裝布
medicines wrappings - 藥品包裝材料
nleg wrappings - 綁腿
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  • 用來裹腳的毯子已經磨壞了,他的腳也變成了慘不成形的肉團。
    He had worn through the blanket-wrappings, and his feet were shapeless lumps of raw meat.
  • 這正是食品安全問題的所在。這些外包裝敞開的麵包會招來蒼蠅和害蟲的光顧。
    This was the food safety issue. The open wrappings could allow flies or vermin into the packages of bread.
  • 現在讓我們來做春卷皮。然後把餡兒像這樣包進去。
    Now let's make some wrappings and wrap the fillings up like this.
  • 為滿足船舶節能需要, 可對雙槳和多槳船舶採用加裝艉軸支架包殼的方法。
    To meet the needs of marine energy saving support wrappings are added to tail shafts which are in the ships with double propellers or more than two propellers.
  • 專家們說,最早的腳部保護物可能演變自簡單的用於將腳從雪和冰凍中隔離的包裹物。
    The first forms of protective footwear probably evolved from simple wrappings used to insulate the feet from snow and freezing temperatures, experts say.
  • 業務範圍包括相關環保類包裝材料的提供;
    The business scope includes the offering of relevant environmental protection wrappings ;
  • 幫助工廠一直保持乾淨整潔,以保護自己和同事。切勿將未食用完的食物、包裝紙或碎布隨處亂扔。
    Protect yourself and fellow workers by helping to keep the plant clean and tidy at all times. Do not leave food refuse, wrappings, or rags laying around.
  • 他撕破包裹的包裝紙。
    He tore at the wrappings of the package.
  • 你覺不覺得,我們的愛就是一個完美的聖誕禮物,無論有沒有精美包裝?我覺得是。 。
    Do you ever think that our love is the perfect holiday present, with or without wrappings? I do.
  • 他表示這具木乃伊將被暫時移走以便進行CT掃描,因為在包裹遺體用的布條中可能藏有葬禮時使用的護身符。
    He said the mummy would be temporarily removed for a CT scan because there may be funerary amulets hidden among the wrappings.
  • 被認為會影響荷爾蒙或類雌性荷爾蒙的化學製品被證明是食品包裝紙、塑料製品和香水。
    Chemicals that are believed to affect hormones or mimic female hormones are found in food wrappings, plastic goods and perfumes.
  • 最重要的是,新方法令包在外層的米飯不會變質,這表示米飯和魚肉可以一起食用:壽司就這樣誕生了!
    Best of all, the new process didn’t spoil the rice wrappings, which meant they could be eaten with the fish: Sushi was born!